A lot of wattpad…and waiting for my husband to proofread Dunn

I bit the bullet last Friday and posted the first chapter of my second novel, currently called ‘the Seagull’ on wattpad and despite me initial apprehension, this has so far proved to be a positive experience. 

I’ve had 42 reads now and some really positive comments. Also some very helpful feedback, which I have taken on board and started to incorporate to my next draft…not many votes yet, but hey ho! 

I haven’t heard from any agents that I wrote to, and so I am going to assume that I have been unsuccessful. 

I’ve had a quote from Matador (who thankfully didn’t have a problem with helping publish my book) and it was reasonable, so I am considering going through them at the moment. A print on demand and ebook with basic marketing should be achievable. I have some queries so will include more details when I get a response.

All a bit of a rushed week as it was a friend’s party Fri in Hertfordshire and then back to Sussex to see a band last night, so I’m a bit tired! 

Still waiting for my poor husband to finish proof reading Dunn. He is a technical writer so I am exploiting him mercilessly to avoid spending £475 on a proof read.

Wrote about 4000 words of the seagull, killed off a pixie, and thoroughly enjoyed writing this week. Also moved up a group at the running club and nearly kept up, so all in all a successful week.

Wattpad…my first published fiction

So, I have made a decision, I have bitten the bullet and I have published the first chapter of my second novel on https://www.wattpad.com 

I have called it the Seagull, because it starts with a seagull, though this is a working title, and what I’ve put up is an early draft so there are no doubt issues with it.  

I don’t know if it’s exciting or terrifying.  I guess I will see if anyone reads it before I decide.

If anyone is interested, I could find it under fantasy/ mythology/new when I looked for it, but not when I searched for my name, (Kay Jay)…hmmmm. It has a giant Seagull on the book cover (yes I designed a free book cover on canva too)

So, now I have to read and follow other people…any suggestions happily accepted. There’s a lot of stuff on there so it’s hard to choose. I’ve picked a few that come up in the fantasy/mythology category and there are some interesting ones out there.  

I have also set up a page on WordPress and I am actually going to finally put my sample chapters of Dunn up there. Still not made a decision about how exactly I am going to self publish, but hey, I still have a couple of rejection emails to come back so there’s time.

I’ve done a couple of book cover designs for Dunn too, though from what I’ve heard you really need someone professional to design covers for printed books for you if you want them to look okay.  

I’ve also made progress with the Facebook author page….it’s not ready, but there’s something on it now. So I deserve a night out with my husband. We are off to see a band. 

My first rejection email, rubbish weather, and a fair few non-exercise related distractions

I am now a proper author – the first rejection email from an agent is back.

In the end I decided on 3 agents in the writers and artists yearbook.  This one, I liked the sound of, but apparently that’s not mutual.  The email back was nice enough – not one for us, we only take a look at a handful of the thousands of manuscripts we get…and a list of links to expensive editorial services…..I am a bitter old cynic (and a pessimist so I was and still am expecting rejections), but when the email comes back at 9 am Monday and you sent the sample chapters etc at lunch time Friday, it does make you think ‘hmmmmm  read every single one’ do you?  Either someone there works all weekend (I know many people do), or they aren’t quite telling the truth….Anyhow…it’s not unexpected and I’m sure my synopsis and cover letter were not brilliant.

So two more rejections to go, and then I have to decide what to do with ‘Dunn’……

I decided to ask Matador for a quote (as they have a good reputation), and they replied saying ‘thanks we will consider your manuscript’….I hadn’t realised that I was sending it for consideration, as they have the briefest of forms that you fill in, I thought I was asking for a rough figure and then if I decided to pay them an extortionate amount of money I would ask them to consider my book (they turn down 25 % – if mine is one I will probably throw my dummy out of the pram, as I wasn’t actually aware I was asking them to reject my money when I sent it!!!)  So this week is going well……

Now the dilemma is, do I get one of these companies (there are many other options and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), has a list of reputable ones here) or do I go it alone on kindle direct (through amazon) and createspace, then try to build up a name on Wattpad???

I didn’t know about Wattpad previously – I had read a bit about it then dismissed it instantly, because you basically let people read your work for free….but that’s what most people seem to be doing on kindle direct, pretty much, and is anyone likely to bother reading something by someone they’ve never heard of?  Probably not.

It appears from my research that you still control all copyright of anything you put on Wattpad if you tick the right box, and it does give you your own author page….so you can try to build a readership that way?

I think (and my tutor agrees) that my writing has improved a lot since Dunn, but I have spent a lot of time improving it, and I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice it entirely….of course you can remove books, it looks like, so I guess you can make things available for a limited time, then remove them.  I need to check. Maybe there is someone I could ask on there.  Who knew this would be so b***** complicated.

The good news is, the final draft of Dunn is now done – hooray.  I’d crack open some champagne but I need to train for a marathon and after the last half marathon, I’d better not falter too much from the plan if I want to get back to where I was and meet my running goals (if not all of my writing goals).  Finishing ‘Dunn’ leaves me lots of time to work on the next book, part of a teenage/young adult/old kidult (joke before anyone gets offended) fantasy trilogy.  I’m 21,000 words into draft one and there’s still three weeks of national novel writing week to go, so can I finish draft one of that by November 30th?

Not if I get distracted by an offshoot that I was thinking I might write and serialise on Wattpad, probably…stick to the plan.  I’d also better ride my bike.  I stupidly signed up to do a duathlon in January, thinking ‘hey that will be good for keeping my bike fitness up’, but it’s cold and I’m a fair weather cyclist and swimmer.  That Californian heat wave is becoming a distant memory already and husband says it’s Clacton next year, especially if I end up paying anybody to produce and market my book properly 😦



Novel writing month and disappointing half marathons

It’s national novel writing month starting today, and in true form I’m not going to get any writing done. So, I’m going to count yesterday as day one, because I managed a draft of my morrigan chapter yesterday….then realised that I hadn’t quite finished the previous chapter. Obviously I had so much time thinking thanks to the jetlag, that I assumed I’d written it!!! I had planned it out, miraculously, as I rarely physically plan what I’m writing. My first draft is an expanded plan based on a plot idea. That’s the way I wrote Dunn and it seems to work for me, although the fact that it’s taken 5 drafts for me to be happy (ish) with it possibly begs that question…..
On that note, I read another very thought provoking article by Kirsten lamb here which talks about the need for perfection as one of the enemies of progress!!! All I’m going to say is….Dunn is still NOT perfect, and I doubt it ever will be. But it’s BETTER (much) ENOUGH.  

Bearing Kirsten’s article in mind I’m going to have a bash at getting another 50,000 words of longhand done in November, albeit in imperfect draft one form. And it’s very imperfect! I read my previous chapter through before starting the next one as I usually do and realised that what I thought I’d written and what actually went down weren’t quite the same…especially as in my head I had actually finished it.  Which is why redrafting is so important of course. 

I also managed to ‘final draft’ another 2 chapters of Dunn on Monday despite a mild hangover (decided to beat the jet lag with red wine, which actually worked, but it doesn’t take much to give me a hangover these days), so the writing has actually gone pretty well so far this week. I deserve a day off (even though I just had a week’s holiday).

Not so much the running through! Why I thought I could even get close to my february pb after half my usual weekly running mileage and barely any speed work/long runs I don’t know! But I did and I couldn’t. I should be happy that my grumpy hamstrings let me run a half marathon at all, and I am, but I’m still annoyed. Anyway, 4 months until Brighton should hopefully be time to turn it around. Think I’d better steer clear of my turbo for the time being as fairly sure that’s what upset my hamstrings, although I also got a new bike (thanks to lovely husband), and should probably get a bike fit. At £180 ish quid though, that’s not happening at the moment. So onwards and upwards with everything (fingers crossed)

Urgh jetlag and 1am fireworks

Thank goodness I wasn’t going for a pb at this half marathon in 7.5 hours!!! 

It’s 2am but the clocks went back, so actually it’s now 1am and I am WIDE awake. Same as last night, but worse because I have to get up and run 13.1 miles in 5 hours. Yes I know going to San Francisco was my idea, but seriously. Fireworks at 1am? That doesn’t even happen in Lewes and they LOVE fireworks almost as much as bonfires. There are also tonnes of cars. Don’t people sleep in Surrey? There’s some sort of annoying rattle in this BnB too! Wishing I’d stayed at home and gone for a 13 mile run on the downs though I’m sure the Thames towpath will be lovely and make a nice change……I originally signed up for this because I thought Brighton half was going to be a windout…..I wasn’t expecting to beatmy previous years pb, but I managed it by 30 seconds after caning it with the wind behind me for the first half, then seriously flagging 9 miles in on the Shoreham power station drag…. hate that road! So this half marathon is now just a jolly really, and I do love ahalf marathon, but not with jetlag. I suppose it may help…. maybe.

So I’m awake and thinking about my next chapter in Longhand…..and making the insomnia worse by using a backlit device, but I think sleep is over for tonight.

 The next chapter is going to feature the Celtic goddess of death and war, The Morrigan. Back to the photos and writing using photos thing, my son took some great pictures of a raven in Yosemite – the form the morrigan often takes in myths I’ve read, but I don’t have it, it’s still on the camera and what I really want to try to capture is her shape-shifting female form. Celtic mythology is a bit all over the place, which can be annoying, but is good for artistic license!! My book is really exploiting that, so sorry to any purists out there, but the characters in Celtic mythology are appealing….. anyway. The morrigan is the phantom queen, who by some sources encounters her husband/lover the dagda on samhain. That’s Halloween which is in a couple of days so it seems fitting to write her chapter next week……she is sometimes seen as a triple goddess, taking different forms and I like that idea I think…..the unrecognisable adds to the sinister. 

I’m not ready to put any of that stuff up here yet, but still intend to put the sample chapters of Dunn that I am sending off somewhere….if only I could get WordPress to work properly. Apparently my widgets are incorrectly configured if I didn’t mention that before. Urgh technology.

Anyway…rambling, sorry….This photo could well be one of the Morrigan’s forms….a freaky sculpture I came across at Michelham priory in Sussex a couple of years ago. I had started writing this second novel then, but only just and was struck by the sinisterness (made up word) so much that I had to take a photo. My son was terrified by this sculpture…speaks volumes

I love it in a spooked out kind of way (a bit like the woman in black play that stopped me sleeping for days when I saw it)

It’s 2am again so maybe time to try for some more sleep 😵

Sealions, plague ridden squirrels, jetlag. But no whales or writing!

Just back from VERY sunny San Francisco and had forgotten how bad jetlag is! Apart from our trip to South Africa (sameish time zone so no jetlag) this summer, I hadn’t been anywhere more exotic than the european continent for (gulp) 13 years and so I haven’t had jetlag forever! I will now be more sympathetic to my lovely husband when he gets back from working in the states… that’s if he gets away without taking me and our son because we had a fab time.  

Husband was in San Francisco working so my son and I did a reccy of the city on an open top bus tour (just as overpriced as London) the first day. Going over the golden gate bridge on an open top bus was the only time it was cold for our whole trip. Although overpriced the bus was worth doing as we worked out loads of places we wanted to visit and we found these guys at pier 39

My husband has been to San Francisco for work loads, had dinner on pier 39 and didn’t know that the sealions hung out there sunbathing….so it was worth taking us after all as he may never have seen them if we hadn’t told him about them! They are mostly male Californian sealions, jostling for top position. They are hilarious, noisy and fishy…

My son also loved going over the gg bridge on the bus and we got great views.
We then spent some time with my husband’s best friend who lives out there (he’s American), going to Alcatraz and walking down through golden gate park to the Pacific ocean at the aptly named ocean beach.

 The waves are phenomenal and I don’t think my pictures really do them justice! They were covered in surfers,braving the great white sharks (apparently at their highest numbers in October) and  doing very tricky looking manoeuvres. My husband’s friend has tried surfing and  says it’s really hard to get standing up.  Not my thing I don’t think.

Where we live you get waves that look like white horses sometimes when it’s stormy, but all of these were classic! You can see the shape of horses heads as though they are galloping to the shore  I took photos to use for descriptions in my second novel as it features wave horses, but the photos don’t quite capture the drama. I find photos quite helpful aids to getting descriptions right in creative writing, and used photos from magazines for two of the main characters in Dunn.  I kind of knew what I wanted  Aidan and Sophie to look like but found the photos helpful for keeping a consistent visual picture in my head whilst I was writing.  

Anyway, I took the photos in this blog on my phone but I’m thinking I might like to do a photography course some time…..
My son and I also went out on a 5 hour boat trip looking for whales, but as I suspected they had all headed off to their breeding grounds or were hiding!! Still we had a lovely boat trip and saw tonnes of harbour porpoises, pelicans, and sealions on buoys!  The naturalist guide (not a naturist before you all think  how inappropriate that our guide was in the buff!) was really informative and we covered 57 miles looking for whales. But they were having none of it! Definitely recommend San Francisco whale tours. They tried hard!  We’ve been spoilt for wildlife this year with our amazing safari so mustn’t be greedy. As my son said, porpoises are cool too!!! Though they are camera shy so no photos. 

My husband was working when we went on the boat (he hates boats) but he took a day off and we went on a whole day (14 hour) bus tour of Yosemite with a very funny guy called Patrick who played a lot of relevant music to go with each bit of the tour. Again very informative and would thoroughly recommend bay area tours. Apparently the name Yosemite is a mixture of two names given to a native American Indian tribe that lived there until Europeans arrived and gave them all smallpox (actually this tribe were driven off because when their chief was captured by Europeans he learned how to gamble and lost the right to the land to another tribe, but that doesn’t go with the infectious diseases theme of the next bit). The name closest to Yosemite means killers…. ironically. Anyway, there’s no smallpox there, but apparently the squirrels have plague!!! Yep, who knew. Bubonic plague is still present in the U.S. I am an ex-microbiologist and I thought you only got plague in deepest Africa and Asia! Nope there are a few cases every year linked with people camping near squirrel burrows or handling dead/ sick animals….. don’t play with American squirrels kiddies. And there was me thinking that the great white shark infested waters were the scariest non-human part of California. I think you are statistically about as likely or more likely to get bubonic plague as you are to be bitten by a shark, though at least plague is still treatable whereas having something bitten off by a shark who thinks you’re a sealion in your wetsuit is not!!! Needless to say I’m not sure I will be trying to get a place in the escape from Alcatraz triathlon any time soon, predominantly because San Francisco has some wicked hills and I don’t do hills on my bike.

All our Yosemite photos are on the camera still, but that was a mind blowing place too: towering rock formations with people walking tightropes between them or hanging off ropes and climbing them in 30c heat! I’ll stick to running and swimming in non-shark-infested waters thanks. 

Back now with extreme jetlag after bumpy flight (lovely husband swapped seats with me so I could have a business class bed for half the flight) and in a bed and breakfast in Walton on Thames waiting to do a half marathon along the Thames towpath tomorrow.  After that I have no races until January/February/April and NO HOLIDAYS booked.. .. have now got expensive tastes and park resorts in Clacton (suggested by husband) is not going to cut it!!! So I’d better get on with trying to land an amazing book deal that gets me enough money to quit work and swan off to Costa Rica (haha bloody ha). I have ten to eleven weeks left to wait for my rejection from the first agent, so I’m going to tailor my synopsis and cover letters to a  few others and send them off. The other agent I really like the sound of  has a week turn around so I’m not quite ready to approach them as I have around ten chapters of my final polishing draft of Dunn left to do…. 

So that’s next week’s job along with trying to finish off the polishing draft, writing the next bit of longhand and planning out my half marathon/marathon training paces based on tomorrow’s base line half marathon time….no goal for tomorrow, but aiming at 1.40 for Brighton half in February so let’s see how far off 1.43 (this year’s time) I am after the summer’s hamstring issues and lots of beer and pizza in San Francisco….. quite a way I reckon! 

I’ve done it……10-12 weeks until I get my first rejection letter…

So, I bit the bullet and submitted chapters 1-3 to a literary agent.

I decided after much deliberation, that I would rather get some help with the publishing process if I can, so I ambitiously picked an agent who represents some of my favourite established authors. They read everything they receive and aim to get back to you in 10-12 weeks, giving me ample time to finish the last ‘polishing’ draft of Dunn if they do decide It’s worth bothering to read the whole book. 

I’m prepared for the rejection!!! As I always try to tell my students (when they are stropping off because of my feedback on their work) you have to be resilient and learn from your failures/mistakes. Let’s see how good I am at taking my own advice!!! 

I still have every intention of putting my sample chapters up on a page, but I am not finding WordPress intuitive to use and have been so wrapped up in final drafting that I haven’t wanted to spend time working it out.

We are off to San Francisco for half term, so I get a week’s break before the next onslaught. I’ve been working harder than I do at work as the hours just fly by (10 hour days last week I haven’t done that since I started teaching) so I’m actually pretty knackered. 

Blog failure and domestic drudgery…..

Oh dear…

I completely forgot to update this last week, mostly because (we) decided to paint the stairs and landing whilst trying to get together stuff for our half term San Francisco trip.

Unfortunately we decided that the son was old enough to help and now there are paint splats everywhere… . nothing to do with me guvner honest….

My husband HATES painting more than most other domestic chores (we agree on this) and so when he gets back from San Francisco and sees that he’s got all the tricky bits of the landing left to do there will be sulking. It’s his fault though, he forgot to get the ladder in from the shed so I could only do as far as I could reach…the shed is full of spiders and I don’t do spiders.

So (even more) boring blog update….

I have also final drafted chapters 12-16 of Dunn….and I feel positive about it.  I have seriously pruned quite a bit and it is now flowing much better. My three sample chapters are ready to go, along with a short synopsis for my ‘first choice’ literary agent. I think that I will send it off to choices 1 and 2 when I have finished the final draft as choice 2 has quite a long turn around….All I need to do now is finish the polishing and write the cover letter.  I have looked at online samples of successful cover letters and it’s all about pitching it for each agent specifically from what I gather.  So 2 cover letters as well as 2 synopses.

Also managed a chapter of novel 2 so all in all a pretty productive 10 days.  

Back to the packing for our half term trip and clearing up the paint splats all over the bathroom floor. We sacrificed the landing carpet as soon as the son got hold of a paint brush. It’s ancient and in need of replacing anyhow

She said, he looked, and I changed my mind….

Week five and I spent a whole solid week on Dunn…that’s when I wasn’t fiddling around with WordPress and getting very annoyed that I can’t seem to make it do what I want it to do….I followed the instructions and everything, but I still can’t make it put a working link to my blog in the menu along the top when I use a static front page!!!  I put the ‘link’ there, but it seems to require you to log in as me to see them…all a bit annoying so I’ve had a tantrum and left it as it is for now.  That was last Friday – a whole week ago.  It’s flying by and I already don’t want to go back to work……though I’m feeling the lack of salary!

It’s been an up and down week with the writing again as well, though actually looking at it now, I’ve done quite a bit – four more chapters almost right.  I’m starting to look at chapter twelve (of twenty six) and I’m 38,000 words in.  It’s not going too badly…

Unfortunately chapter ten is giving me a headache.  I feel like this guy must have done when he realised he hadn’t found a free antelope lying in the bush


Yes I am gratuitously shoving in my safari photos!!!!

Chapter ten is reminding me of a nineties indie song called ‘She said’, because all the shes just keeps saying, over and over again.  There’s a lot of looking going on too – I remember my writing tutor pointing this out to me at the time we went through it (gulp – two and a half years ago) and being oblivious.  He always used to always say ‘English is such a rich language, you must be able to find another word for looked/said’ (these were my main culprits).  He hasn’t said that in ages though, because I don’t do it anymore!!!  I have to remember that when the re-writing gets migraine-inducing, because he is so much more positive about my second novel – I must have learnt and that’s the point.  But he was right. In the current draft ‘she looks at her, he looks at him.  It’s boring and clunky.  So I have spent two days rejigging and re-wording that!!  I’m happier now, but not happy….

Cue the mantra…re-writing is good writing.

I’ve also decided to bite the bullet and send Dunn to a literary agent to try to get published before going down the self-publishing route.  I know it’s a long shot, and that they have x billion submissions a week, but there’s just too much to sort out with the self-publishing route, so I don’t want to go there unless I have to.  I probably will have to – I accept that.  But the idea of trying to get the whole thing formatted just right, paying for a book cover design, paying a company around a grand to bring it out as an e-book.  It’s a big outlay of time and funds.  Then there’s the marketing minefield.  I can’t even get wordpress working so I stand little chance of launching a successful independent marketing campaign.  I think I would rather try at least to get an agent to help me.


I’ve done a fair bit of research (thank you writers and artists yearbook) and I’ve identified a few that seem to be actively encouraging submissions from debut novelists.  Two are standing out as ‘try first’.  One of them represents three of my favourite authors and whilst I wouldn’t claim to be anywhere near as good as any of them, they have certainly influenced my writing.  The other represents books that sound good, but I haven’t read….I probably need to read a bit more widely.  What they all say is make sure it is finished and polished before you send the sample chapters.  None of the agents or the publishers will read unsolicited manuscripts these days from what I’ve been reading.  They just have too many.  They also have very specific submissions requirements.  For example, one of the agencies I am looking at requires a 300 word synopsis and the other wants 3000….They want a covering letter that sells the book to them, in which you and your book sound interesting, but don’t talk about yourself too much….So I’ve started the synopsis, following guidelines given by these agencies, advice given online and using the good old ‘writers and artists year book).  I’ve got a short version readyish…..the letter and the long version are next week.  I think if I keep at it, I can get the last more ‘polished’ draft of Dunn ready in about a month.  That’s remember, remember the 5th/6th of November.  That’s the aim.  We’ll see.

Will obviously also sort out WordPress site, actually write some more of novel two before I see my writing tutor next week and do some cleaning (not).  Ooo and very exciting if you are a running addict (switch off now if you’re bored of my running tales)…managed my fastest running ever at the new running club last night – and I wasn’t dead, and my hamstrings didn’t grumble…..Can I keep it up for 5k plus though?  NO!!!  But maybe I’ll get there eventually.



Month one done…..aaargh. Repeat after me, Re-writing is good writing; re-writing is good writing; re-writing is good writing

I have now basically had the first month of my year off and, let’s be honest.  Let’s be brutally honest.  I probably could have done more!

But this re-writing thing is KNACKERING.

I have made progress though……

I have moved on from chapters 3 and 6 of Dunn, which I was thinking I would never be able to move on from.

The problem seemed to be the rhythm….those chapters had bits that just didn’t scan – but I’m there!  I have moved on, re-written chapters 7 and 8, and done a bit of research into next steps….

Looks like I could be going about this ALL wrong, and judging by the fact that no one apart from a few of my friends know this blog exists, I AM going about this all wrong.   I read a blog about building fan bases before you self-publish a novel  here (thank you Linsay Buroker), which was really helpful, and it has given me some ideas.

I seem to have bought a url (I have no clue what I am doing), and so can start pages linked to my blog to put excerpts of my stuff on…..and new stuff if I ever write any (hahaha), but what I really want to know is how the hell do you get people to find it??


I don’t want to link to my existing ‘social’ facebook page/twitter account and so I guess I will start new ones and post on there and ‘re-find’ the people I don’t mind reading them, but, again I don’t really know what I am doing there!!!

And what to do about self-publishing my book?

I thought I definitely wanted to go down the ‘local company’ route, but having read some of the negative experiences people have had, I want to be sure it is worth the outlay.  Hmmmmm many things to consider.  I still have twenty three chapters left to re-write/edit before it’s ready to go so I suppose it’s not a pressing issue, but I think I will dedicate a block of time to research some time next week and get a plan.  I love a plan.  Lovely husband hates plans (he doesn’t even want to follow one for half marathon training despite my nagging and his eyes glaze over whenever I mention a plan for anything….), but I think I’m going to need one for this. No point getting to the end of the final draft and having no clue what to do with it.  Normally I’m good at coming up with a plan, but not very good at following it, which is why my hamstrings are grumpy (stupid training errors.  stupid, stupid)

Speaking of which I’m off to see if they will survive a track session at a local running club……They survived my last triathlon of the season and got me a pb, despite the pull to right one of two weeks ago, so thank you hamstrings.  I had to rein it in on the triathlon run, though and control my pace to stop them tightening, so let’s see if I can keep to using this club session as a ‘style and form improvement’ exercise for the moment.  I’ve never been to a club before, so I’m a little nervous…..the guy I contacted sounds great and it sounds just what I need, but it’s nerve racking. My hamstrings are tightening at the thought….   Being shouted at by cats, so it’s obviously time to feed them, giving me a perfect photo opportunity


 oi human minion, feed me now

if you don’t feed me now, I’ll wait until you’re asleep and lick your ear.   

2/3 home for dinner. Who knows where the small shouty one is this time. .

 So plan for next week:

  1.  Do some research (proper research not just 30 mins of reading random articles from google search and then not following through and looking at links etc)
  2. Try to set up a page/new blog/facebook page/twitter for my new novel and actually try to use them!!!! I find this terrifying, actually.
  3. Edit chapters 9/10 of Dunn and try to post some of it up
  4. Write some new stuff (None achieved this week, but still have tomorrow!!!)
  5. Not knacker my hamstrings further (did yoga again – less positive today!!!)
  6. increase running base, not pace and NOT KNACKER MY HAMSTRINGS AGAIN!!!  i.e. be super sensible
  7. Keep going with this because it is actually a good record of what I’ve done, which was the point, after all