About me

Wannabe author amongst other things

Testing, testing……

This is the next stage in my foray into the world of (shiver) technology.

As a middle-aged dinosaur, I find the world of social media utterly baffling, but from everything I’ve been reading, it’s the only way to go if I want any of my writing to get anywhere.

As a working mother, writing my first novel has been a protracted process – and it’s not over yet – so it seemed pointless to get to the self-publication stage with no clue about the whole blogging/website/social media thing. I am lucky enough to have been able to take the last year as a ‘sabbatical’ (aka a jolly) from my teaching job to self-publish my first novel (Dunn), finish my second novel ( working title ‘The Seagull’) and try to get to grips with this whole internet thing………

So I’ve documented my year off and my ‘journey to self-publishing’ here.

I’m now intending to make this a more ‘planned’ blog, with excerpts of my work; character interviews; short stories and whatever else I get round to, as well as just me ranting about my hamstring injury.  If anyone’s interested in my year-off exploits, all the old posts are in the archive.