I need more time! The problem with having a job, writing novels, and injuring myself training for marathons whilst helping with maths homework…

I’m not even going to look at when I last wrote a blog post because it was months ago!!!


Because I can’t do everything!

It’s official.

I am not invincible and I can’t fit everything in!

So, I have been writing. Draft two of the Seagull was completed at the end of January, which was my goal. But I haven’t posted any of it here because I just haven’t got round to it.

I put it all on Wattpad, but that seems frankly pointless as very few new reads have resulted, and now they’ve changed the app. I can’t work out how to update with draft three without losing the reads I have. So, I’m giving up on Wattpad. I don’t have time to put the ‘networking’ time in to chase reads. And there seems little point in doing that anyway.

Ah, writing. It’s as frustrating as marathon training!

I say that because, predictably, I have injured myself and so my attempt at a sub-3.50, London good for age qualifying marathon time is now unlikely. AGAIN!

Last year, it was more serious and entirely my fault.

This year it’s strained ankle tendons thanks to turning said ankle on a renegade stone on my favourite offroad run. It had all been going swimmingly. I want to swear, but won’t!

Beautiful, but stony!!!

To be fair, I was a bit stupid too. I put medium longruns too close together, so it was probably fatigued, and then when I noticed the stiffness the next day, I ignored it and kept running because it didn’t hurt running! Then it did! I couldn’t walk without a significant limp for two days. I am not now limping and everyone medical/expert I have consulted thinks a marathon is achievable …. that time though? …. maybe not. Fortunately, I had a back up race in place, and that’s 3 weeks after my original goal race, so I have 7 weeks to get back in shape … I still can’t walk without initial soreness/stiffness though. And the doc said not to even try to run on it until I am pain free. Grrrrrrrr. Stupid stone and stupid me!

The writing has mostly ground to a halt because of the marathon training. It’s just too knackering to think straight on top of working and helping my son with the maths homework, but hey. I am doing some.

I have now started draft three of ‘The Raven’s Test’ (formerly known as ‘The Seagull’ on Wattpad, and I am going to post it here!

I am.


At least the first few chapters.

I’ve also revisited the first few chapters of book two – The Host and the Oak Tree and redrafted them, so I’ve achieved something.

On that note, I will shut up and post Draft three of Chapter one.

It feels good to get back on here, even if it’s just for a whinge that no one will read.

Now I’d better go off to work in the current gale to bore some teenagers!

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