Draft two of ‘The Seagull’ – my young adult, celtic-mythology based fantasy is nearly done and available on wattpad. Less death, but the Pixie still gets it! And I’m not there yet!

I had planned to finish the second draft of my second novel by Christmas. Then I thought I’d do it by new year…..

Now it’s early January…..

I’m about 5/6 chapters off my goal, but what with marathon training/christmas/christmas holidays with a perpetually bored and hyper-energetic child, and the New Years day hangover, I’m just not going to make that January 1st goal. Also, I’ve pulled a trapezius muscle so typing hurts. Maybe I’d better say February!!!

The christmas holidays have been fun, but now every time my son says I ‘never play with him’ meaning that I don’t have the energy/inclination for football/nerfwars/wrestling until the spare bed breaks, I’m going to ‘scienceteach’ him into submission….

Today we constructed a beating heart and made unsuccessful and pointless bouncing eyeballs, tomorrow its chemistry after a painful shopping trip to get me new running shoes and him lego…..

Oh well!

A bit of a busman’s holiday, but fun. Unfortunately, it means I haven’t written anything in over a week….

So I am not going to quite make my writing goal. I suppose being a good mother should at least take priority at Christmas….

But it’s been a good year for the soon-to-be-renamed ‘Seagull’ as far as I’m concerned.

I made the long list for the 2018 watty awards

And I’m mostly really happy with the redraft!

There are still plot holes in it – its a complicated story which is meant to have complicated themes, and it’s changed quite a lot in the second draft to hopefully reflect this and fill some of those holes.

Unfortunately, in places there is still repetition (I seem to latch onto a particular word then repeat it throughout a chapter) and there are things that could, and need to be improved. But I’m happy with it as a second draft. The story is there. The plot is clearer, and hopefully Louis The Sun God’s character and emerging powers are coming through.

So, what next?

I’m going to finish draft two in early January, read the whole thing through (on the chaise tongue in my new conservatory whilst the jackdaws fly over and drop peanuts, and the gulls flyover and drop something else….) by March, before I do draft three, then give it to my writing tutor (his health permitting) for a copy edit. Hopefully I will be ready to give if a final edit after my April marathon (hamstring and newly dodgy foot depending).

Draft one of book two in the trilogy is also well underway, and I hope to finish that by summer 2019 before I start the whole redrafting! You never know….I might get draft two finished by this time next year too. Hahaha.

The story follows on from book one and so hopefully most of the difficulties have been ironed out already….famous last words.

I’m going to stick the first few chapters of the soon-to-be renamed Seagull up here now they are redrafted, with a breakdown of how I have changed them and why and I plan to do the same thing with the Host and the Oak tree….but I plan a lot of things and regularly fail spectacularly…

Roll on 2019…. Here in the u.k we may be unable to go anywhere else come late March, so it should be a good year for writing. If there’s still electricity to power my laptop….

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