Decorating, borderline overtraining, and recent plastic swaps…aka Kay Jay tries to practice what she preaches on at least one thing

The chaos of the conservatory build is finally done. Woohoo.

And actually, now it is painted too, I’m just loathe to give up my place on the sofa to go and take another picture of it….because they will spread the minute I move, then realise they’re close to each other and start pawing each others tails/ hissing / generally being annoying.

Also I’m putting off scrubbing the dining room ready for the next decorating onslaught…..and I’ve neglected this blog due to the domestic mayhem that new building works and decorating cause. I don’t want to let the blog slide because it’s a nice record. I like writing it as much as anything less, and having that sense of something done. But time is a problem at the moment. And my tree photos just seem like a bit of a cop out….

The problem is, I haven’t written any of either of my novels this week, so I can’t write about those; I’ve failed to pull together the research on Manannan and the Morrigan that I’ve been planning to do to write posts on them, and I’ve run too much and am in denial about the stiffness of my legs, so don’t want to think about that. I’m listening to them now I have run a knackering 6x kilometre interval session, honest!

So, I thought I’d be smug and talk about his much I’ve reduced my plastic use.

Swap one: Sodastream rather than buying bottled water

Actually I have been doing this for a few years now.

Extra bonus: make sure you have loose, unnetted limes/lemons in and you ALWAYS have something to mix with gin

Swap two: buying loose vegetables at the supermarket rather than getting plastjc-wrapped ones delivered along with the tins/catfood/coffee

Extra bonus: somehow waste much less food. Not sure why. Also the walk to the shop adds to fitness! I’ve lost half a stone since I went back to work and started walking more….

Swap three: get milk delivered in glass bottles

Extra bonus: I never run out! I open the door three times a week and it’s there by 7 am. They also reuse the bottles. The only problem is, I keep forgetting to put them out. I have 7 currently…..

Swap four: take my coffee with me in a reusable cup

Extra bonus: actually I keep forgetting the darn cup and so going without coffee. I save 3-6 quiz a day though.

That’s all I have for now! Still planning the mythology series continuation, and lots of updates to the Seagull aka the Raven’s test, but I think I will talk about the development of the book as a whole, when draft two is finished. Also, time is not on my side right now! And marathon training commences after the next half marathon on Dec 8, if my legs don’t throw their dummies out of the pram. So thd blog may be a bit adhoc and sporadic for a while. Maybe over xmas I can sit down and write some posts that I can schedule. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

Right….decorating time 🙀

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