Surfing, bodyboarding, running through an ironage settlement to a headland and extortionate bag charge from Flybe. I will go to Newquay again, but I will NEVER fly with Flybe

So, I think the title says it all…

Except it was my 9-yr-old who went surfing.

I didn’t this time, and thank goodness!

If I had, we might not be able to afford the train home from Gatwick because Flybe just charged me 40 quid to put a single, tiny bag in the hold!

FORTY pounds….a third of the price of the flight!

I liked Newquay’s many surrounding beaches (I have seen better towns, but it had cute bits) but if I go back – and I would for the dramatic waves and coastline – I will stomach the 8 hour train journey!

The flight arrival and departures don’t tally with the local bus times and a taxi journey of 4 miles to Newquay costs 23 pounds, so by the time you have finished hanging around waiting for buses and at the airport, you might as well have got the train! It would have been cheaper to split the journey and stay somewhere else interesting on the way back. But you live and learn.

But what about the trip?

It was fun, but exhausting.

My son and I went with my friend and her 9-yr-old, and so, much wine was consumed, many 9-yr-old fallouts were averted and everyone had great fun. My lovely husband had just got back from a San Francisco ‘work’ trip, so we let him off.

We flew EARLY Saturday. So early that we had to get a 5.25 am train to get to Gatwick because it was rail replacement buses!

So, I was exhausted when I got there, but we had a lovely swim in the clean caravan-park pool (the caravan was filthy and the newquay view resort had NO recycling points which is disgusting!) then went to Porth beach. The boys played football in the sea and got soaked whilst we had a coffee in the lovely, warm October sun. Then we started on the wine….

It’s always great to go for a Sunday morning hungover run and discover somewhere amazing.

The ironage settlement up on Trevelgue head was just that, and Porth beach looked glorious as the sun came up over it in style. Good old Louis the Sun God….thanks for a warm couple of days 😂

Then we had a few hours of the boys siblinging out (they are both only children and get a bit too brotherly sometimes) for a few hours before we went to my friend’s brother’s stunning house overlooking the amazing Gannel for a bit of crabbing…

I think we found a mixture of Shore crabs and Atlantic Brown crabs, but I couldn’t swear by it. The boys and Vegas the dog were very excited by the whole experience, diving in and out of moon-crater-like pools; snorkeling around looking at mackrel fry and creeping, commando style through the water to have a look at Egrets. The Egrets weren’t fazed or stupid. They strutted off, spearing fish, in the opposite direction.

The Gannel is a tidal sea gorge, I think. Lethal when the tide is pulling out to sea, but gorgeous in different ways at different times. We went at low tide so that the crabbing bridge wasn’t underwater, but apparently there is an open water swim event in it at incoming tide, and I will be looking out for that in future years.

After that, it was bodyboarding for a few hours on Fistral beach. I’m normally more of a swimmer than a surf-type, but bodyboarding was great fun. The temperature started to fall, though and my 4mm swimming wetsuit wasn’t thick enough, so I was glad of a well earned Sunday roast (nut as I’m veggie) in a pub overlooking the harbour afterwards.

Weirdly, even though I had less wine on Sunday than Saturday, I felt rough on Monday. A North wind was also blowing in, stirring up the water nicely for my son’s first surf lesson and creating some iconic Whitehorses. Enbhar and his herd were out in force, charging onto the shore whilst I shivered on the beach.

My son persisted despite initial nerves and annoyance! He managed to stand up on his board in shallow water and the overall consensus was he liked if and will do it again….

Thank you Bluesurf school for being so patient. The boys both had a great time despite differing abilities and the ratio of instructors to students was great.

So that’s that. We are sitting on the overpriced plane waiting to take off back to Sussex. I’d go to Newquay again, but if I’m going to fly anywhere this close again it won’t be with Flybe. I won’t anyway because of the guilt over the greenhouse gases. The train is pain, but so is the plane. Might as well do the one that costs me and the planet less.

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