I’m in shock. My young-adult urban fantasy novel, ‘The Seagull’ has made it onto the 2018 Wattys longlist

To be honest, the title says it all.

After another night’s insomnia (this time I’m blaming my personal trainer for making my back muscles scream), three checks of the Wattys 2018 longlist, lots of reassuring messages from the lovely people on my Wattpad notifications list, an official notification this morning, and having to clean up a dead mouse left by my evil felines before coffee, I now accept it.


The Seagull2

There were 362,423 submissions, 784 stories made the longlist.  And I am absolutely ecstatic to be one of them.  I can’t thank the people who have read and commented enough.  Constructive input and encouragement is essential to any author but as a newly author it means everything.

What a lovely ‘going back to work on Tuesday after a year’s jolly’ present.  I need all the help I can get.

So, without further ado.  Here’s the link to Wattpad.  I am going to publish draft two of chapter one here on my blog this week, and maybe I’ll witter on about my trilogy for a few posts rather than having a whinge about the futility of trying to market ‘Dunn’

Chapter one will follow shortly on here.  As I’ve been awake since 5 am thanks to my screaming back muscles, I’m off for an extra swim in the hope that the new health cliche ‘motion is lotion’ is actually true, before I get in the rapidly chilling sea later with my hardcore ironman friend for a training swim this evening.  As I’m meant to be swimming 5k in 3 weeks and am nowhere near trained enough, I figure an extra stretchy, technique (hahaha) focussed half an hour dip can’t hurt…..like I have any technique


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