How do you stay in and write when the sun is out?

Until now, I have written my books with a loose plot in mind, but no plan. It’s worked okay! The soon-to-be renamed ‘Seagull’ plot came together mostly fine. It needs work, obviously because its a first draft, but the skeleton and some basic ligaments and tendons are there!

Book two: The host and the Oak tree, though, came to me quite clearly whilst I was lying on the sofa with a purring cat. And it needed a plan so that I didn’t forget the ideas that just kept intruding on my feline cuddle. Because now the sun is out and I want to be swimming in the sea, not typing indoors getting neck ache/back ache/butt ache and more muscle pulls.

So, that’s what seems to be happening.

It’s 25 ish degrees; the sea is flat and the buoys are out. So my friend and I swam to one this morning

Head-out breast stroke mostly because it’s still ice-cream headache cold, but a start. And it was great, apart from my steamy goggles.

Then I had marking to do and it was too nice to go home, so I sat on the beach in my towel and started it, with Melissa and Miranda:the seagull Goddesses from book one of the Longhand chronicles for company.

So no writing other than this today then, realistically. Oh well. It is supposed to be a year off, after all

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