Proofs sent …. Better find something new to write for the next 4 months …

It’s been a while since I updated this, because I’ve been busy.

Had a manic Easter holiday with my son and various friends and Matador sent the typeset proofs through for me to check. So I’ve been reading through Dunn AGAIN, checking the formatting, commas etc. It’s mostly okay, but there were a few rogue punctuation marks outside quote marks etc …. But it’s done and sent.

And other than that, its been frustrating running/strength training and core exercises, with too little swimming in the middle! I’ll get there. Just not yet!

The sun has been out, though and that has made me feel loads better. Had a glorious sea dip, a few nice early morning short runs and felt amazing. It’s gone now, though …. The wind and cloud are back!

Never mind. We are off to Croatia for our family holiday in less than 5 weeks and that should be sunny.

The lovely husband has started casting his critical eye over ‘The Seagull’ and so, I will be starting the second draft of that imminently.

I am in two minds about which new writing project to start next …. It kind of makes sense to keep going with book two in the Longhand series and see where that goes …. I’m not even sure if its a trilogy or duology yet. But I’m the sort of person that likes a change, and I have other ideas. Some centred around the Morrigan (goddess of war and death) and her Banshees and others based around Dunn. I have loose ideas about a sequel and a prequel. But I also started another novel based in the present and near future about the impacts of climate change some years ago before I got sucked into the Celtic mythology idea and started ‘the Seagull’. So who knows …. Maybe I’ll scope out a few chapters of each idea and see which grabs me most. I’d written a few rough chapters of the climate change novel, so that might be a good place to start. Who knows.

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