Draft one of The Seagull is done!!! But I’m starting to wonder if running races are too……darn hamstring!

Goal two of my sabbatical year is officially complete. I have finished draft one of the soon-to-be-renamed Seagull and pressed the magic ‘completed’ button on wattpad. Now watch millions of people not flock to read it!!!

But it’s good to get it done. That was the point of putting the story on wattpad, really, and having a schedule to work towards did help me keep going. The link is


Louis, my main character, has almost passed the Morigan’s (goddess of war and death) test….all he has to do at the start of book 2 is get his mother to wake from the dead (she’s currently entombed as a stone statue), and then they’re well on their way to defeating the lord of darkness, Balor. Once they unite all of the other arguing Gods and break Balor’s spell on the humans, the earth will be saved. Sounds like they’re about as close to success as I am.

So, now what?

No proper running, that’s for sure. My legs have utterly put their foot down (pun totally intended) and had a tantrum that rivals one of my son’s!

I have a new free NHS physio and she says ‘NO’ …… back off the ten mile runs I had (prematurely, apparently) built back up to over the last month and be content with 3-4 until it’s properly better! Properly! As in no stiffness/soreness after. Its fine during, but after…..not so fine. I was telling myself it was just DOMS but she did a strength/pain test, and NO. Its not fine!!! It hurts on totally the opposite side and there’s scar tissue and evidence of strain there. So I have to back off again šŸ˜­

As an ex-scientist I know she’s right. I haven’t felt it pull again, but it’s stiff and sore. I’ve read about tissue recovery (a bit!) and I get it. Injuries take 6 weeks minimum to heal.

But the last pull I felt was Feb 25th, and it had felt MUCH BETTER!! As in 8 and 9 mile runs with no after issues!


I do partially blame stretching! When you know something’s not right, don’t listen to other people!!! No names named!

So, how do I make my brain listen this time? It looks like I am going to have to totally suck it up with this one! I am not doing a proper run any time in the next six weeks! Let alone racing. Then I have to build everything up super-carefully. Back off and accept it, brain.

How totally depressing.

It could be time to admit defeat, give up any thoughts I had of qualifying for London and then Boston marathon, and DEFINITELY being happy with my 1 hr 43 half marathon and 47 min 10k. I’m nearly 43 for goodness sake. I started running at 36. Why can’t I be happy with that?

Because my brain doesn’t work that way!!!

Looks like its back to the strength and core training basics again, with more work on my balance to help my poor hamstrings out! I have to do one legged squats once my balance is good enough to stand for 30 seconds without wobbling.

I CAN , I thought. I do chest/shoulder high kicks in Tae Kwon Do (when my legs are ok) and balance fine! But apparently not properly! I compensate for some screwy knee inward motion and my hamstrings have to do more than they should! That and glute strength are the problem as well as the hip tightness from sitting. So, whilst all the glute stuff I’ve been doing is essential, its not enough on its own! The new exercises should start to work in 6-12 weeks, then I have 4-5 months of rebuilding fitness!

So I could be ready for next April

If I don’t sabotage it doing something daft.

5-10k swim event it is then.

Don’t need much hamstring for that….theoretically

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