Release date for my debut novel ‘Dunn’; hamstrings seem to be on the mend; they cancelled the marathon I was going for in the autumn; and there’s a mouse loose about this house….

Finally, the estimated release date for Dunn…..dun dun, dun. Pun totally intended.

It’s the 28th July….the day after my son and I get back from our desert island turtle experience.

The blurb is now up on the Matador website here, along with an author profile and a couple of dubious photos of me on holiday. I picked one’s in which I am wearing shades in some ridiculous attempt to:

a) disguise myself so that I am totally unrecognisable to everyone except anyone who’s actually met me

b) hide the ever increasing wrinkle problem

One of the above is a joke….can you work out which?

The book cover is yet to be revealed …. They’re hopefully making the one I suggested better. Formatting is not my strong point.

So, what should I blog about now the ‘writing goals’ for my sabbatical are nearly done? The pain of completing my final draft, editing, proofreading editing, deciding to self-publish etc etc is done. I have not quite finished draft one of the Seagull, but nearly. I am a chapter or so away from the end (I have been at various back/neck/hip fixing appointments this week, so I have written nothing).

I’m enjoying the ‘lifestyle’ blog aspect, for no other reason than it gives me a nice record of what I have done. The journal style is appealing, but perhaps I should be writing posts on ‘writing process’ and my characters now too. If not on WordPress, then maybe on the blog linked to my website, which you can find here . Maybe I will do some on both.

The problem with writing is that its seriously screwed my neck/hips/back and, consequently, hamstring.

The Physio I see referred me to a magic chiropractor, who seems to have helped the hamstring by doing something horrible to my neck and back, but God I’m stiff!! Sitting/standing typing has turned me into a stiff grumbly old woman. My hamstring is improving currently, though. But they’ve cancelled the marathon I was planning for the autumn because of roadworks, so that goal is currently postponed. Hopefully next spring I can smash that London qualifying time, and possible even aim at Boston. I can do it on paper from half marathon times! Maybe…..we shall see.

There has to be a solution to the typing problem. What is it, though? Voice recognition software is seeming like a possible answer…but I’m loath to go down that route for some reason. It just doesn’t seem like writing (though writers probably said that when we moved from pens to computers).

In addition, reading and typing on the phone is a bad idea for the neck, of course, so my wattpad activity has declined dramatically. So have my reads with that, unfortunately, but I can’t keep up the momentum of commenting on lots of stories for very little (if any) gain. I will post the whole of the first draft of The Seagull up there, but I’m not sure its the right forum for a mid-grade/early teen/young adult novel (I am back to being unsure about my target audience). Everything else in the fantasy genre on there is medieval/wizardy stuff. Is it high fantasy? I don’t even know! I definitely don’t fit there. What is urban fantasy? Mine has urban elements, but I’m not sure it fits there either. Of course it could just be crap. I’ve had some positive feedback on wattpad, but a few negatives too. It is a work in progress, so very rough around the edges, but my thinking behind posting it was to get some extra usable feedback. Some of the feedback I’ve had is really helpful, but most of the negative comments were from people who really do write worse than me. And you know what they say about people in glass houses. My writing tutor has been up and down about the writing, but not the idea and lots of people were positive. Basically, it needs a lot of work. First drafts do!!! Back to the mantra good writing is rewriting….

Anyhow, I’ve wittered enough. One of my delightful cats (I have a suspect, decide which you think could be guilty of rodent torture)

brought in a mouse to play with, and it has taken up residence behind the sofa. It’s not falling for my improvised humane mouse trap, so I’d better go and shift the sofa!

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