Dunn is finally done … but so are my marathon plans

It’s been a while since I wrote this, predominantly because I have been moving commas around in Dunn and sulking about my mild hamstring strain!!!

So, it’s all my hips and lower back. The poor beleaguered hamstrings aren’t to blame …. They’re innocent victims of me sitting writing in a bad chair all day, then running without warming up properly etc etc. Whoops.

At least I now know the cause and my lovely husband has got us a yo-yo desk so we can alternate sit-standing. He works at home two days a week so it will help him too. I also need to stick to my strength and conditioning properly and probably reduce my speed when doing distance (15-mile run and intervals plus tempo in the same week ok. 20-mile run and the above NOT ok).

Sadly, it appears that it would be sensible to drop out of my April marathon, and the way it’s going, I will probably have to put off doing any more marathons until next spring (I’m secretly hoping for an autumn come-back, but honestly … probably not).  The hamstring strain (very mild, which is good but frustrating) happened at the end of Jan.  I then had three weeks of quite frustratingly slower running, watched my lovely husband start our usual half-marathon without me, and then the hamstring went AGAIN when I went for a slower run on my own in the afternoon.  So I need a break.  It’s official.  I am going to have to swim for a bit and work on my strength.  No triathlons, no Tae Kwon Do and no running at all for a bit.  I’m still to determine how long of a bit, but the way I see it, there’s no point me doing frustrating slower runs and lower mileage than I need to do for what I want to do, for the hamstring to keep going again and again.  It’s pointless.  I’m going to have to stop, which totally sucks.  But it would suck more if it was a bad injury rather than a recurrent overuse niggle.  At least it gives me a positive on going back to work in September.  I don’t sit down for more than 15 minutes there, so hopefully, that will solve the problem.

So, it’s a good job there’s good news.  Dunn – the first novel that has taken me nearly 9 years to complete has been SENT.  It’s gone.  I am waiting to receive confirmation that the contracts have been received by Troubador and then the publication process will begin.


It’s a bizarre feeling.

I’m trying not to fixate on whether I got all of the commas and b***** hyphens right.  I’m definitely not thinking about semicolons (shudder) because I’m fairly sure that anyone with a modicum of proper English grammar teaching will find some problems with it!  They taught ‘free writing’ in my day (Oh, so long ago) and so, with the watchful guidance of the technical writer husband, Dunn has been a steep learning curve.  Hopefully, I can seamlessly transfer that learning to draft two of the Seagull, which I am nearing the completion of … still uploading it onto Wattpad, but have neglected it shamelessly for two months whilst I moved commas around in Dunn.  I have nearly reached 500 reads (499, which offends my liking for whole numbers if anyone can get on there and sort that out), but it’s slowed down lots since I stopped ‘sharing’ my story and publicising it on Twitter.  I haven’t been on Twitter either.  I’ve done nothing but Dunn.

It was great to write a new chapter today.  I’m up to chapter 21 of the Seagull (name probably being changed to The Seagull and the Raven, I think) and I think that I will finish draft one by Easter.  It almost made the knackered hips, back and hamstring worth it.  Then I remembered that I can’t go for a run, so I’m back to sulking again. Never mind.  The beast from the East (as some of the delightful British press are calling the snowstorms and cold) has hit … so it’s too slippery to run outside anyway 🙂

And I’m not going in the sea for a chilly dip whilst it’s -3C out there either.  Dreaming of sun, warmer days and working legs….  I’m sure I’ve rolled these ones out a few times now, but they encapsulate what I love about living by the sea.



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