So nearly there with Dunn…but have a grade 1 hamstring strain

Well, it’s been a while. I have been busy moving commas around, adding and removing hyphens, and failing to become confident with the use of semicolons. And I’m nearly there. It would feel good, but I’ve managed to strain my hamstring AGAIN.

Okay, so I’ve had 4.5 months of no issues and I’ve done some good training, but, as my son would say: come on. So unfair!

Actually, though, I totally deserve it. I should have gone for a reduced volume week, but instead I did a long tempo run, faster-than-normal intervals and then thought, I know let’s try half marathon pace into the wind, up a hill….when an idiot pulled his car out in front of me and I accelerated that’s what did it. I am so annoyed/depressed/upset, but maybe I’ve learnt my lesson. Maybe.

Still, on a positive note, I have learned quite a lot about punctuation this last month, and The Seagull is now up to 464 reads and 86 votes on wattpad. That’s encouraging. And the physio reckons I will be fine by my April marathon. I am writing this on the bus back, trying to think positive. I have got a few long runs in the bag as I was going to aim to get below my 1.43 personal best in the half marathon I always do, but that goal is going to have to go on hold. Nevermind. There will be more half marathons and if necessary, marathons. And I have cute cats. No other photos to put here at the moment, as it’s grim out, and I can’t run anyway. The cats also think it is grim out and seem to be making nests in various weird places

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