Never speak too soon…first proofreading edit of ‘Dunn’ done, but not a lot else

This week has been a flop on every front.

There are reasons – I have a multitude of excuses, but basically, it went pear shaped.

I have managed to get distracted by everything, but mostly….

It’s chilly, so every time I sit down to write, the lady above comes for a warm-up cuddle, knocking stuff on the floor and walking on my keyboard. I have three, but one doesn’t do laps. He just rolls around looking all cute and shouting at you for food…

Feed me I’m staaaarving….go on…. please. 

Hard life being a pet cat!

So, it’s all their fault that I’ve only managed 3400 words of ‘The Seagull’ this week. It’s got nothing to do with me procrastinating a spending too much time on wattpad and Twitter, chatting to other wannabe authors. Fun but not productive, really.

Managed a chapter and a half. Poor old Oisin’s in a bad way, but there’s a new God on the scene. In the original mythology his name is Dagda, and he has a staff that can mete out life and death. He’s using the ‘life’ end to start cars in my story.  A new ‘walk on’ character popped up too and changed a sub plot of my story … I may have to be mean and take away most of his lines, though as I think in retrospect I want it back how I thought it… planned is too strong a word. I have a loose plot, then write what comes into my head. But I think the original idea is better, so sorry tobacco-chewing Tom.

The first half of the week was a running shambles as well 😭, which always puts me in a bad frame of mind. I am currently doubting very much that I will improve my half marathon time of 1 hr 43 in February. In fact I’m thinking I may have peaked.  I failed my tempo run Tuesday after finding it fine the week before… training error alert, maybe, so I’m going to have a couple of days rest after the 18.5 mile long run this week to see if that makes a difference. That and a twenty the week after and then I’ll scale back the distance to 13 miles ish and work on speed until the half, before picking up distance again after the race. There’s a good 6 weeks between the half and full marathon this year and I feel more confident that I’m on track for the 3.50 marathon. I had a reasonable track session Thursday, despite a wheezy cough (reason for crap tempo?) and had a good chat about marathon strategy, so feel a bit better about the running now than I did. Still dubious about the half though, probably not helped by the October disaster. There are always others. 

That’s it for this week. Here’s hoping that next week is better all round.

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