Past the half way mark on the Seagull…. getting there with Dunn… running so far so good but v tired

I seem to all of a sudden have had students that want tutoring (the post Christmas panic) and so I have lost a day a week. But realistically I need the cash!  
Still managed a reasonable chunk of writing last week: 4.5 k words of the Seagull, taking me up to the end of chapter 16 and 37+k words. Not bad. 

I think I can finish it by the end of January/mid Feb depending on how much the second proofread of Dunn throws up.  What I have learnt from the lovely husband proofreading, is that the ‘freewriting’ approach that my teachers took in the 1980s has made my grammar and style ok (with Todd my tutor’s help of course), but I seriously need to learn some punctuation rules (hyphens and semicolons especially). 

So, there is my new mission: Make sure in draft 2 of the Seagull that I learn and apply the use of hyphens and semicolons appropriately (so the husband’s proofreading job is easier).  He also spotted a ‘technology’ issue in the plot of Dunn, which I have now rectified. He’s good 😀 I’m lucky to have a technical writer as a husband (even if he is leaving all the dishes…..)

Made it to 311 reads on wattpad now – reasonable for 2 months in, but slowing. Getting runner up in the winter solstice competition has made me think that entering non wattpad competitions may be a plan….so there’s another mission for 2018. 

I’ve also joined some author groups on Facebook, though I haven’t sorted my page out. I really have issues with Facebook and it’s layout. I just don’t find it easy to set up and it’s off putting. Fortunately, Matador will set it up for me. Twitter is sorted and I am happily tweeting bits of both novels amongst other things….all to other writers, but it’s a start.  

No website subscribers yet, so may have to rethink the structure a bit, but this week is all about proofreading and writing. Already my diary is filling with other stuff, though, so watch me fail to meet my goals:

Dunn first proofreading edit complete (husband dependent)

Chapter 17 and 18 of the Seagull drafted

Chapter 10 of the Seagull edited and up on wattpad (9 went up this week)

I think that’s probably ambitious this week, but we’ll see.

In the Seagull on wattpad, my main character, Louis the Sun God has just entered the Nothingland – Balor’s realm of the dead – with his Pixie friend Algernon.  They have to get across it to get to America and find his mother, so have to get across the dead Atlantic. Running this morning felt like running through the Nothingland in oh, so many ways!

The grey is not quite as intense as I have imagined for the Nothingland, but it’s not far off! Car headlights on at 9 am, that kind of day. Also, when Louis tries to run there, his legs are heavy. Mine were like lead this morning after my mileage increase to 37 with a 17 mile long run last week. I forget every year I do it how knackering marathon training is. A few weeks respite to focus on speed after this week until the half, then back to the long runs again. I like them in a weird way. They’re a bit of a journey, to be cliché and I feel good afterwards. Also enjoying the running club challenge. I am seriously challenged by moving up a group to the 22 mind 5k pace group, but that’s the point. 7 repeats of 500m then 300 m last Thursday was HARD. But I did it, albeit slightly slow. 

Right. Chapter 17 of the Seagull, here I come. Louis is out of the Nothingland now….but poor Oisin is in a bad way

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