Runner up in a wattpad competition, running through Royston Vasey and dodging nerf bullets

So… Christmas has come and gone in a hail of nerf bullets, quality streets and way too much cheese and pastry. We had friends here this year, with a boy the same age as my son. We all had a great time, but I’m exhausted. 7 am am nerfwars are not relaxing….

I now only have 8 months left of my year off and I am still not quite ready to release ‘Dunn’ on the world.  It is still in proofreading by poor beleaguered, (but free), lovely husband… he’s nearly there and I’ve done all the corrections he’s thrown at me…..then I think it needs another proofread to check. I can’t see mistakes anymore and I can’t read it again!

However the first chapter is available as a sample for anyone who subscribed to my website, which you can find here and the second chapter will come a week later.  Hopefully I will be ready to go by mid January and then over to Matador to format, is the current plan (though they haven’t sent me contracts yet).

On a very bright note, the Seagull (working title) got runner up in the Winter Solstice competition on wattpad in the ‘naturally normal’ fantasy character category,, so I am very proud of my main character, Louis. A lot more people have read it now too. I’m up to 257 when I last looked…still not tonnes, but growing steadily. Long may it last (though it probably won’t). I’m enjoying my wattpad experience a lot. Chapter 8 is now up.

Marathon training was going well until Christmas and storm Dylan got in the way, though the anniversary episodes of League of gentlemen have made me realise that my long run (16 miles now) takes me through the southern version of Royston Vasey. Go in the local co-op for local people and you’ll see what I mean (this is a local shop for local people. There’s nothing for you here)  Still, it gives me moments/photos like this

Both of which are great inspiration for various bits of writing.

So, the son and husband go back to school and work, respectively on Tuesday and then it’s back to it. Not sure the seagull is going to be quite finished by the end of January, but it won’t be far off and I’m still aiming for that goal… hopefully it will be ready to go by the spring when ‘Dunn’ is out – and the whole self publishing/agent attempt dilemma starts again. As it’s part of a duology/trilogy though, I probably want to get them all drafted before I go for it, so plenty left to do.  Pleased with months 1-4 of the sabbatical though šŸ˜

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