Hmmm I did start twittering, ran enough and went for a lovely chilly seaswim…not much actual writing though

What a glorious morning  the sun is out, low in the sky and I’ve just been for a lovely short run up the cliff …beautiful. Days like this remind me that I am lucky to live where I live and have easy access to such inspiring views.

Other days, when it’s like Mordor, I guess it’s inspirational in  a different way. I’ve based the ‘purgatory’ in my second novel ‘the Seagull’ on the all consuming greyness that we get round here sometimes in winter/autumn.  I’ve called it the Nothing and  so far….So’m lucky in a different way then, but need reminding of that when I have to go and run in it….

I guess that’s true of anywhere though, but the grey days 

Well….running aside, that week was a bit of a non-starter. In terms of actual writing I achieved basically nothing.  I have started a few Twitter conversations as suggested by a graphic novelist friend of ours, but I  seem to have had various ‘things’ on this week, all fun and worth it, but I’ve only managed to write about 700 words…. that’s rubbish!!! 

Still, chapter 6 of ‘The Seagull’ is up on wattpad…reads and votes are slowly creeping up, but still…one small pigeon step at a time.  I am advertising it on my new Twitter account too, so it’s all practice for when ‘Dunn’ finally comes out next year. I’ve picked up a few twitter and wattpad followers, joined a lovely friendly twitter group called turtlewriters, and had a nice chat with an American writer who knows a lot about Irish mythology…all great, positive stuff and I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and did it. 

Other than that, I went for a lovely sunny seaswim with my new sea swimming friend. It sounds mad, but it’s such a great feeling getting in the sea, even when it is about 7 degrees and the puddles are iced over!!! I am still at the wetsuit stage and will be for this year I think, but she had already been in that morning wetsuit-free!!! Next year maybe for me 😵 

My son had his nativity play. It was jn a church this year, and much less fun than in previous years at the school. Its always marvelous to see him  perform. He had a speaking narration part this year and sang his heart out, bless him, but we are not religious and I did find the forced prayer etc difficult to swallow. He enjoyed it though and that’s the main thing. My favourite of his school plays is currently when he had the part of a singing, dancing camel though. Much more creative and fun. He’s had a good week this week. He got most improved student at the Tae Kwon Do Christmas awards. Super proud of him and thought he was going to take the trophy to bed 😀

Then Thursday was taken up going to London to see a band with my husband… great fun, totally worth it (despite the hangover) but coincided with me coming out of a two-week writing slump and feeling inspired!!! Typical. Hope the mojo revisits next week, though we are then into the Christmas run up!!!! 

Marathon training is on track at least (glossing over the duathlon I signed up for in January and have done no cycling for) and my hamstrings are….ok….bit tight on the left again, but….ok 😵. Hope it stays that way. Fifteen miles was fine last week so 16 tomorrow and then speed and a few more hills after Xmas to try to get the half marathon time down before I tackle the longer marathon runs. There’s more time between the half and full I do this year which I think is a good thing…guess I will find out (hamstrings allowing)

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