A second (positive!!) Rejection..  but I have got my website up and running and had 2 seaswims

November and the first half of December seem to have passed in a whirlwind!!! What’s happened to all that time?

I have had to tell work that I am going back in September 2018, even though it is only December, but I suppose I get why, and actually now I have sent the email I have stopped thinking about it and dreading it so much! 

I got a rejection from the second of the three agents that I tried, but it was positive, if that is at all possible! They said that they enjoyed Dunn, and it stood out from the many submissions they received, but it was not right for that agent, in this instance. So, I am choosing to feel encouraged by that, but I think I will stick to the decision to go it alone and self-publish rather than write a whole load of tailored synopses and cover letters to other agents for potentially no gain. I have explored that avenue and it just doesn’t seem a good use of my time. 

The first proofreading edit of Dunn is over half way through now and I know my misuse of hyphens is driving my husband mad. He is a great proofreader (which he should be as a technical writer!) -semi-retirement career anyone?  I think it will need a final check through after this edit, just to run a final check, but it should be good to go in the New year. Which means I need to get a plan together for marketing it! 

I have chosen to go with Matador/Troubador as they are recommended by the writer’s and artist’s yearbook and are given a good rating by the alliance of independent authors (who I will join once Dunn is actually published). They offer a social media marketing service, and I have decided to use that as it includes a Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads introductory campaign.  

I have set up my website – the preliminary design can be found here. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I am particularly interested in your views regarding my preliminary book cover design for Dunn, which is on there on the ‘Dunn’ page with a comment box 😀

‘The Seagull’ is slowly picking up reads on wattpad, and the link to the published chapters is also on my new spangly website and here. I’ve had some lovely comments and feedback on there, but it seems to be taking me a longer time than some to build up reads…. that’s the way it goes I think and I do wonder if it’s the right ‘platform’ for it. I think it is possibly a bit too young to hold the interest of the majority of readers on there (13-30 I read somewhere, with an average age of 21).

Anyhow, it’s all a bit of an experiment. I’ve had some funny conversations on the forums and got some good tips from one of the administrators of the book club I joined (#WWBC). There is a program called Kindle Scout in which you pitch your novel to try to secure a Kindle press contract .. might be one to consider for ‘The Seagull’ I think, as the turnaround is a month or so, and I just want to get ‘Dunn’ out there now.

So, quite an eventful few weeks, even though they have gone quickly and I haven’t done as much writing as I’d hoped (just started chapter 13 of ‘The Seagull’) 

The good thing about this blog is that I realise I’ve actually made a fair bit of progress now I’ve written it all down.

Also been in the sea twice!!! And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though the second time was on a duller day and felt colder. I love just getting in the water, so I’m really pleased I bumped into a lady I used to swim with who’s moved close to us and she is willing to humour my lack of acclimatisation!!

We didn’t go in here as it’s dangerous, but it’s pretty and I love the cormorants

Off for a sunny long run now before the next wave of wind and rain hits tomorrow. I’m up to 14 miles, so trying for 15 today, though I have been under the weather so planning to play it by ear. Not bad progress. I’m up to 31 miles a week now and creeping up a mile or so a week with the aim of scaling back the long run after Xmas a bit to work on speed a bit more…sorry yawn. Running talk is boring if you aren’t addicted to it.

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