ZZ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Skeletal dolphin pods, dead pirate queens….and a zombie invasion

Well ..I’m up to 62 reads on wattpad, but some people who put their story up around the same time as me have loads more 😭 . I suspect I should spend more time on the chat forums, but I want to do some actual writing…I know it’s good practice for when Dunn goes up on Amazon and I have to start Facebooking and Twittering daily, but I want to write too.

All the comments I have had about ‘the seagull’s been very positive, though and I’m enjoying the process. Plus it’s keeping me writing. I would anyway, but it’s good to have a motivation and it will prepare me!!

Whilst I wait for my poor husband to finish proofreading (bless him, he’s half way through) I have killed a pixie (I think I mentioned) and got my main character, Louis, across a dead ocean in my version of purgatory with the help of a bunch of skeleton dolphins. Sadly the pixie Algernon was in the underworld too long, helping Louis escape wraiths and phantoms and he didn’t make it! 

I have had a pretty slack week though. My husband had a day off on Tuesday so we went for an 11 mile walk through Mordor.

It was exactly the sort of grey, drizzly autumn day that I have based the purgatory I have invented in ‘the seagull’ on.  

We had a great time though. Sometimes it’s just nice to do stuff together and it was amazing to see the sun fighting it’s way through a hole in the cloud to light up the sea…. inspiration for another scene in the seagull, I think. It was a mythological kind of day… brooding, dark and thought provoking.

Not quite captured by the photo, but it’s good to have a reminder for writing. I am using photos increasingly in the seagull. 

I also seem to have a zombie invasion at home 

My son has designed a pop up graveyard and decided to act out the zombie resurrection… it looks like he’s coming to eat what’s left of my brain so better go

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