A lot of wattpad…and waiting for my husband to proofread Dunn

I bit the bullet last Friday and posted the first chapter of my second novel, currently called ‘the Seagull’ on wattpad and despite me initial apprehension, this has so far proved to be a positive experience. 

I’ve had 42 reads now and some really positive comments. Also some very helpful feedback, which I have taken on board and started to incorporate to my next draft…not many votes yet, but hey ho! 

I haven’t heard from any agents that I wrote to, and so I am going to assume that I have been unsuccessful. 

I’ve had a quote from Matador (who thankfully didn’t have a problem with helping publish my book) and it was reasonable, so I am considering going through them at the moment. A print on demand and ebook with basic marketing should be achievable. I have some queries so will include more details when I get a response.

All a bit of a rushed week as it was a friend’s party Fri in Hertfordshire and then back to Sussex to see a band last night, so I’m a bit tired! 

Still waiting for my poor husband to finish proof reading Dunn. He is a technical writer so I am exploiting him mercilessly to avoid spending £475 on a proof read.

Wrote about 4000 words of the seagull, killed off a pixie, and thoroughly enjoyed writing this week. Also moved up a group at the running club and nearly kept up, so all in all a successful week.

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