Wattpad…my first published fiction

So, I have made a decision, I have bitten the bullet and I have published the first chapter of my second novel on https://www.wattpad.com 

I have called it the Seagull, because it starts with a seagull, though this is a working title, and what I’ve put up is an early draft so there are no doubt issues with it.  

I don’t know if it’s exciting or terrifying.  I guess I will see if anyone reads it before I decide.

If anyone is interested, I could find it under fantasy/ mythology/new when I looked for it, but not when I searched for my name, (Kay Jay)…hmmmm. It has a giant Seagull on the book cover (yes I designed a free book cover on canva too)

So, now I have to read and follow other people…any suggestions happily accepted. There’s a lot of stuff on there so it’s hard to choose. I’ve picked a few that come up in the fantasy/mythology category and there are some interesting ones out there.  

I have also set up a page on WordPress and I am actually going to finally put my sample chapters of Dunn up there. Still not made a decision about how exactly I am going to self publish, but hey, I still have a couple of rejection emails to come back so there’s time.

I’ve done a couple of book cover designs for Dunn too, though from what I’ve heard you really need someone professional to design covers for printed books for you if you want them to look okay.  

I’ve also made progress with the Facebook author page….it’s not ready, but there’s something on it now. So I deserve a night out with my husband. We are off to see a band. 

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