My first rejection email, rubbish weather, and a fair few non-exercise related distractions

I am now a proper author – the first rejection email from an agent is back.

In the end I decided on 3 agents in the writers and artists yearbook.  This one, I liked the sound of, but apparently that’s not mutual.  The email back was nice enough – not one for us, we only take a look at a handful of the thousands of manuscripts we get…and a list of links to expensive editorial services…..I am a bitter old cynic (and a pessimist so I was and still am expecting rejections), but when the email comes back at 9 am Monday and you sent the sample chapters etc at lunch time Friday, it does make you think ‘hmmmmm  read every single one’ do you?  Either someone there works all weekend (I know many people do), or they aren’t quite telling the truth….Anyhow…it’s not unexpected and I’m sure my synopsis and cover letter were not brilliant.

So two more rejections to go, and then I have to decide what to do with ‘Dunn’……

I decided to ask Matador for a quote (as they have a good reputation), and they replied saying ‘thanks we will consider your manuscript’….I hadn’t realised that I was sending it for consideration, as they have the briefest of forms that you fill in, I thought I was asking for a rough figure and then if I decided to pay them an extortionate amount of money I would ask them to consider my book (they turn down 25 % – if mine is one I will probably throw my dummy out of the pram, as I wasn’t actually aware I was asking them to reject my money when I sent it!!!)  So this week is going well……

Now the dilemma is, do I get one of these companies (there are many other options and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), has a list of reputable ones here) or do I go it alone on kindle direct (through amazon) and createspace, then try to build up a name on Wattpad???

I didn’t know about Wattpad previously – I had read a bit about it then dismissed it instantly, because you basically let people read your work for free….but that’s what most people seem to be doing on kindle direct, pretty much, and is anyone likely to bother reading something by someone they’ve never heard of?  Probably not.

It appears from my research that you still control all copyright of anything you put on Wattpad if you tick the right box, and it does give you your own author page….so you can try to build a readership that way?

I think (and my tutor agrees) that my writing has improved a lot since Dunn, but I have spent a lot of time improving it, and I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice it entirely….of course you can remove books, it looks like, so I guess you can make things available for a limited time, then remove them.  I need to check. Maybe there is someone I could ask on there.  Who knew this would be so b***** complicated.

The good news is, the final draft of Dunn is now done – hooray.  I’d crack open some champagne but I need to train for a marathon and after the last half marathon, I’d better not falter too much from the plan if I want to get back to where I was and meet my running goals (if not all of my writing goals).  Finishing ‘Dunn’ leaves me lots of time to work on the next book, part of a teenage/young adult/old kidult (joke before anyone gets offended) fantasy trilogy.  I’m 21,000 words into draft one and there’s still three weeks of national novel writing week to go, so can I finish draft one of that by November 30th?

Not if I get distracted by an offshoot that I was thinking I might write and serialise on Wattpad, probably…stick to the plan.  I’d also better ride my bike.  I stupidly signed up to do a duathlon in January, thinking ‘hey that will be good for keeping my bike fitness up’, but it’s cold and I’m a fair weather cyclist and swimmer.  That Californian heat wave is becoming a distant memory already and husband says it’s Clacton next year, especially if I end up paying anybody to produce and market my book properly 😦



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