Novel writing month and disappointing half marathons

It’s national novel writing month starting today, and in true form I’m not going to get any writing done. So, I’m going to count yesterday as day one, because I managed a draft of my morrigan chapter yesterday….then realised that I hadn’t quite finished the previous chapter. Obviously I had so much time thinking thanks to the jetlag, that I assumed I’d written it!!! I had planned it out, miraculously, as I rarely physically plan what I’m writing. My first draft is an expanded plan based on a plot idea. That’s the way I wrote Dunn and it seems to work for me, although the fact that it’s taken 5 drafts for me to be happy (ish) with it possibly begs that question…..
On that note, I read another very thought provoking article by Kirsten lamb here which talks about the need for perfection as one of the enemies of progress!!! All I’m going to say is….Dunn is still NOT perfect, and I doubt it ever will be. But it’s BETTER (much) ENOUGH.  

Bearing Kirsten’s article in mind I’m going to have a bash at getting another 50,000 words of longhand done in November, albeit in imperfect draft one form. And it’s very imperfect! I read my previous chapter through before starting the next one as I usually do and realised that what I thought I’d written and what actually went down weren’t quite the same…especially as in my head I had actually finished it.  Which is why redrafting is so important of course. 

I also managed to ‘final draft’ another 2 chapters of Dunn on Monday despite a mild hangover (decided to beat the jet lag with red wine, which actually worked, but it doesn’t take much to give me a hangover these days), so the writing has actually gone pretty well so far this week. I deserve a day off (even though I just had a week’s holiday).

Not so much the running through! Why I thought I could even get close to my february pb after half my usual weekly running mileage and barely any speed work/long runs I don’t know! But I did and I couldn’t. I should be happy that my grumpy hamstrings let me run a half marathon at all, and I am, but I’m still annoyed. Anyway, 4 months until Brighton should hopefully be time to turn it around. Think I’d better steer clear of my turbo for the time being as fairly sure that’s what upset my hamstrings, although I also got a new bike (thanks to lovely husband), and should probably get a bike fit. At £180 ish quid though, that’s not happening at the moment. So onwards and upwards with everything (fingers crossed)

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