Urgh jetlag and 1am fireworks

Thank goodness I wasn’t going for a pb at this half marathon in 7.5 hours!!! 

It’s 2am but the clocks went back, so actually it’s now 1am and I am WIDE awake. Same as last night, but worse because I have to get up and run 13.1 miles in 5 hours. Yes I know going to San Francisco was my idea, but seriously. Fireworks at 1am? That doesn’t even happen in Lewes and they LOVE fireworks almost as much as bonfires. There are also tonnes of cars. Don’t people sleep in Surrey? There’s some sort of annoying rattle in this BnB too! Wishing I’d stayed at home and gone for a 13 mile run on the downs though I’m sure the Thames towpath will be lovely and make a nice change……I originally signed up for this because I thought Brighton half was going to be a windout…..I wasn’t expecting to beatmy previous years pb, but I managed it by 30 seconds after caning it with the wind behind me for the first half, then seriously flagging 9 miles in on the Shoreham power station drag…. hate that road! So this half marathon is now just a jolly really, and I do love ahalf marathon, but not with jetlag. I suppose it may help…. maybe.

So I’m awake and thinking about my next chapter in Longhand…..and making the insomnia worse by using a backlit device, but I think sleep is over for tonight.

 The next chapter is going to feature the Celtic goddess of death and war, The Morrigan. Back to the photos and writing using photos thing, my son took some great pictures of a raven in Yosemite – the form the morrigan often takes in myths I’ve read, but I don’t have it, it’s still on the camera and what I really want to try to capture is her shape-shifting female form. Celtic mythology is a bit all over the place, which can be annoying, but is good for artistic license!! My book is really exploiting that, so sorry to any purists out there, but the characters in Celtic mythology are appealing….. anyway. The morrigan is the phantom queen, who by some sources encounters her husband/lover the dagda on samhain. That’s Halloween which is in a couple of days so it seems fitting to write her chapter next week……she is sometimes seen as a triple goddess, taking different forms and I like that idea I think…..the unrecognisable adds to the sinister. 

I’m not ready to put any of that stuff up here yet, but still intend to put the sample chapters of Dunn that I am sending off somewhere….if only I could get WordPress to work properly. Apparently my widgets are incorrectly configured if I didn’t mention that before. Urgh technology.

Anyway…rambling, sorry….This photo could well be one of the Morrigan’s forms….a freaky sculpture I came across at Michelham priory in Sussex a couple of years ago. I had started writing this second novel then, but only just and was struck by the sinisterness (made up word) so much that I had to take a photo. My son was terrified by this sculpture…speaks volumes

I love it in a spooked out kind of way (a bit like the woman in black play that stopped me sleeping for days when I saw it)

It’s 2am again so maybe time to try for some more sleep 😵

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