I’ve done it……10-12 weeks until I get my first rejection letter…

So, I bit the bullet and submitted chapters 1-3 to a literary agent.

I decided after much deliberation, that I would rather get some help with the publishing process if I can, so I ambitiously picked an agent who represents some of my favourite established authors. They read everything they receive and aim to get back to you in 10-12 weeks, giving me ample time to finish the last ‘polishing’ draft of Dunn if they do decide It’s worth bothering to read the whole book. 

I’m prepared for the rejection!!! As I always try to tell my students (when they are stropping off because of my feedback on their work) you have to be resilient and learn from your failures/mistakes. Let’s see how good I am at taking my own advice!!! 

I still have every intention of putting my sample chapters up on a page, but I am not finding WordPress intuitive to use and have been so wrapped up in final drafting that I haven’t wanted to spend time working it out.

We are off to San Francisco for half term, so I get a week’s break before the next onslaught. I’ve been working harder than I do at work as the hours just fly by (10 hour days last week I haven’t done that since I started teaching) so I’m actually pretty knackered. 

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