Blog failure and domestic drudgery…..

Oh dear…

I completely forgot to update this last week, mostly because (we) decided to paint the stairs and landing whilst trying to get together stuff for our half term San Francisco trip.

Unfortunately we decided that the son was old enough to help and now there are paint splats everywhere… . nothing to do with me guvner honest….

My husband HATES painting more than most other domestic chores (we agree on this) and so when he gets back from San Francisco and sees that he’s got all the tricky bits of the landing left to do there will be sulking. It’s his fault though, he forgot to get the ladder in from the shed so I could only do as far as I could reach…the shed is full of spiders and I don’t do spiders.

So (even more) boring blog update….

I have also final drafted chapters 12-16 of Dunn….and I feel positive about it.  I have seriously pruned quite a bit and it is now flowing much better. My three sample chapters are ready to go, along with a short synopsis for my ‘first choice’ literary agent. I think that I will send it off to choices 1 and 2 when I have finished the final draft as choice 2 has quite a long turn around….All I need to do now is finish the polishing and write the cover letter.  I have looked at online samples of successful cover letters and it’s all about pitching it for each agent specifically from what I gather.  So 2 cover letters as well as 2 synopses.

Also managed a chapter of novel 2 so all in all a pretty productive 10 days.  

Back to the packing for our half term trip and clearing up the paint splats all over the bathroom floor. We sacrificed the landing carpet as soon as the son got hold of a paint brush. It’s ancient and in need of replacing anyhow

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