Month one done…..aaargh. Repeat after me, Re-writing is good writing; re-writing is good writing; re-writing is good writing

I have now basically had the first month of my year off and, let’s be honest.  Let’s be brutally honest.  I probably could have done more!

But this re-writing thing is KNACKERING.

I have made progress though……

I have moved on from chapters 3 and 6 of Dunn, which I was thinking I would never be able to move on from.

The problem seemed to be the rhythm….those chapters had bits that just didn’t scan – but I’m there!  I have moved on, re-written chapters 7 and 8, and done a bit of research into next steps….

Looks like I could be going about this ALL wrong, and judging by the fact that no one apart from a few of my friends know this blog exists, I AM going about this all wrong.   I read a blog about building fan bases before you self-publish a novel  here (thank you Linsay Buroker), which was really helpful, and it has given me some ideas.

I seem to have bought a url (I have no clue what I am doing), and so can start pages linked to my blog to put excerpts of my stuff on…..and new stuff if I ever write any (hahaha), but what I really want to know is how the hell do you get people to find it??


I don’t want to link to my existing ‘social’ facebook page/twitter account and so I guess I will start new ones and post on there and ‘re-find’ the people I don’t mind reading them, but, again I don’t really know what I am doing there!!!

And what to do about self-publishing my book?

I thought I definitely wanted to go down the ‘local company’ route, but having read some of the negative experiences people have had, I want to be sure it is worth the outlay.  Hmmmmm many things to consider.  I still have twenty three chapters left to re-write/edit before it’s ready to go so I suppose it’s not a pressing issue, but I think I will dedicate a block of time to research some time next week and get a plan.  I love a plan.  Lovely husband hates plans (he doesn’t even want to follow one for half marathon training despite my nagging and his eyes glaze over whenever I mention a plan for anything….), but I think I’m going to need one for this. No point getting to the end of the final draft and having no clue what to do with it.  Normally I’m good at coming up with a plan, but not very good at following it, which is why my hamstrings are grumpy (stupid training errors.  stupid, stupid)

Speaking of which I’m off to see if they will survive a track session at a local running club……They survived my last triathlon of the season and got me a pb, despite the pull to right one of two weeks ago, so thank you hamstrings.  I had to rein it in on the triathlon run, though and control my pace to stop them tightening, so let’s see if I can keep to using this club session as a ‘style and form improvement’ exercise for the moment.  I’ve never been to a club before, so I’m a little nervous…..the guy I contacted sounds great and it sounds just what I need, but it’s nerve racking. My hamstrings are tightening at the thought….   Being shouted at by cats, so it’s obviously time to feed them, giving me a perfect photo opportunity


 oi human minion, feed me now

if you don’t feed me now, I’ll wait until you’re asleep and lick your ear.   

2/3 home for dinner. Who knows where the small shouty one is this time. .

 So plan for next week:

  1.  Do some research (proper research not just 30 mins of reading random articles from google search and then not following through and looking at links etc)
  2. Try to set up a page/new blog/facebook page/twitter for my new novel and actually try to use them!!!! I find this terrifying, actually.
  3. Edit chapters 9/10 of Dunn and try to post some of it up
  4. Write some new stuff (None achieved this week, but still have tomorrow!!!)
  5. Not knacker my hamstrings further (did yoga again – less positive today!!!)
  6. increase running base, not pace and NOT KNACKER MY HAMSTRINGS AGAIN!!!  i.e. be super sensible
  7. Keep going with this because it is actually a good record of what I’ve done, which was the point, after all

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