Swimming, editing and writing….not bad. Could have been better

Well…where did that week go? One minute I was on the train to the lake district and now a week has gone!!!

But I have done stuff… probably not as much as I should, but something!

Lake Buttermere did not look anything like it did in the picture I included in my last post. 20 mph winds(30+ gusts) made the water really choppy and the low cloud and driving rain made it really difficult to see. Consequently I did more breast stroke than was good for me to see where I was going and my hips/thighs/bottom are still killing me. Anyway, I did it, and met some great people in the youth hostel/before the event.  

I fully intended to write a post on the train home on Monday, but I was worn out, to be honest, so I snoozed mostly.

Tuesday and Wednesday were quite productive – a new chapter draughted for novel 2, and THREE whole chapters edited on novel 1. I am still not happy with chapter three, though… it’s still what my tutor would describe as over written – too many adjectives, adverbs, overblown actions. Just too much.  I suppose at least I know that now. When I started writing I thought that was what you did. Reading some of it now makes me cringe/cross and frustrated, which is why novel one has been on a back burner for a year or so.  

I have decided on a name though, and I have thought about what I want to say about it as a novel. 

My main character is called Aidan Dunn, and so I am going to call it Dunn, after him, for reasons that will hopefully be clear to anyone who reads it.  

I am going to sit down and write a post about Dunn this weekend – I keep saying that, but never feel I have the time to do it properly. Writing this on the train to go horse riding (a childhood passion, which I rediscovered on turning forty, thanks to a riding lesson from my husband’s family), and it feels like I would be rushing it.  I want to do it as a first attempt at my synopsis, which is used to write the blurb on the back of the book, so may as well do it properly..  

So today is Friday (riding, cycling, then having one of my son’s friends to play), yesterday I had lunch with a friend from work, reminiscing about our recent amazing safari in South Africa, and so I have only managed 2 days of writing related stuff this week….aim for 3 next week 😀

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