Days 2-4: Triathlon, trip to Oxfordshire and lounging with cats… writing and not much research ðŸ˜•

After a good start on ‘unofficial day one’ of my year off, days 2-4 have been….sub-optimal from a writing/research perspective.

I am writing this so I have achieved something.  

Today’s aim is: adding images.  From what I’ve read, images are important, so here goes….

I have lived on the south coast for 7 years now, regularly swimming in the sea when it is calm, but I have never completed the south coast triathlon in conditions like these…(though the Tri wasn’t at sunset)

Normally, the sea is rolling for the south coast triathlon.  Some people panic during the swim and have to get picked up by the lifeguards, but Saturday was dead calm, flat as a pancake, the water a classic sea-green and so clear that you could actually see the bottom.  That’s unusual around here, but it’s been like that all week. Someone we know saw a shoal of fish and some crabs on the bottom when they were swimming on the surface, that’s how clear it was. Normally it’s turbulent and a bit murky – a different kind of beautiful.  

I was kind of disappointed that it was calm in a perverse way, because it’s one of the few occasions I get to swim in proper waves. I don’t feel safe without lifeguards on tap to to pull me out, so I won’t go in on my own if it’s wavey.   

The triathlon went better than expected in the end. My chain fell off for some reason at the start of the bike and I had to be saved by a marshal (which was embarrassing, so I have another goal for this year: learn how to do basic bike maintenance instead of taking it to the local shop Mr cycles and paying them to sort it out), but I did the bike faster than last year and my hamstrings held out at an ok pace on the run, so a relative success after this summer’s leg issues.   

As soon as the triathlon was finished I trawled off to Oxfordshire for a party with some old Tae Kwon do friends as my husband and son had deserted me to go and see my in-laws. The journey took 4 hours, but I wasted it listening to music and sleeping off the triathlon rather than doing any research, and today …well it was a late night and a 4 hour trip back, so by the time I got home, all I could do was lounge with my cats…… 

goodness knows what they’d been up to whilst we were away.  

The boys just got back, so peace is now shattered- all cats have gone out in the rain looking a bit disgruntled and I’m up cooking dinner.  Tomorrow is the last day of my son’s holiday and then I have no excuses.  Looks like the weather has turned after Saturday’s beautiful sunshine and autumn has set in. The wind is up again, so the sea is bumpy, with small white tipped wavelets punctuating the grey surface. It’s good writing and research weather for a week at least.

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