Jammy dodger

So….I am lucky enough to be able to take a mid-life-crisis break from my ‘career’ as a teacher! The point of this blog is to try to keep myself ‘accountable’ (I clearly can’t escape work-place jargon that easily) so that I don’t get to next September and say “B***** I’ve done nothing!!!!!”

I am putting career in inverted commas because my career is not going anywhere and never will:  I have no urge to climb the ladder and take on a load of stress for no real extra money, and I’d be rubbish at management anyway for a number of reasons!  I decided that I would rather do an Ironman than move into management, but I am definitely NOT doing that this year (or probably ever!!)

 What am I going to do with it then?

 There will be training for sporting events – I have marathon/swimming/triathlon ambitions etc that I won’t bore anyone with, but I train for events like these all the time and I don’t want to get sucked into the temptation of using all of my year of freedom on training!!! It’s addictive and I am one of those people who always wants to do more and get a bit faster….NO!!!  That is not what my poor husband is subsidising me for!  He’s subsidising me to finally finish and self-publish the novel that I have been writing since before my son was born.  He’s 8 now….it’s taken a while, so I am going to get it out there.  I am also going to finish the second novel that I started about 2 years ago……it’s completely different to the first and I am far more excited by it than the first one, but that could be the ‘fatigue’ of drafting/editing/researching where and how to self-publish.

Is that less boring than writing about how quickly I did my tempo run or how far I swam/cycled?  Probably not, but if anyone can be bothered then this is meant to be a record of my progress with self publishing novel one (I am completing the final edit now) and finishing novel 2, which I think will be a series…..The blog is predominantly for me to make sure I do what I have set out to do, but I will post what I discover and what I decide.  

 I’d appreciate ideas on self-publishing platforms that aren’t vanity publishing and other people’s experiences.  If you want to leave rude comments though, you can go away- I’m not interested. This is all about me 😀

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