Day one….a bit of everything

Ok, so it’s not officially day one as my son is not yet back at school, but he is at his Grandma’s so I’ve had a day to myself.  

I stupidly signed up for sporting events most weekends in September when I got confirmation of my sabbatical (over excitement?), so I needed to do a big pool swim (boring -prefer the sea but husband at work so no paddle board support), then run later.  I am doing a 5k swim round a Buttermere in the lake District sandwiched between a sprint and an Olympic triathlon. Can’t wait for the swim- we got engaged at Buttermere and it’s one of my favourite places, but I bit off a bit too much signing up for that before another Olympic distance triathlon (I did London triathlon in July and knackered my hamstrings).  

So with all that I didn’t think I’d achieve much writing wise, so I am pleased with myself 😀. I edited the first 7000 words of novel one for ABSOLUTELY the last time, and set up this blog. I figure this year is also a good opportunity to familiarise myself with social media and blogging as I understand this is an essential part of being an author these days and I am a total dinosaur. I even got a domain!!! Now I just have to work out what to do with it…..more about that and novel one to follow

One thought on “Day one….a bit of everything

  1. I so appreciate your honesty and I also understand the desire to be productive during an ‘inbetween’ period career-wise. I have a bit of a reprieve scheduled on the work front myself and am already buckling down and plotting out what needs to be done. My list includes bringing myself up speed on technologies and social media forums that I’ve fallen behind in being knowledgeable of. It’s alarming how quickly these things develop and move ahead, in seemingly the blink of an eye! It’s refreshing and reassuring to read your post and I look forward to seeing more. Also, congratulations on the final edit of your novel. That IS a major accomplishment!


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